The Refugee Choir singing Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

By Vandita

(Anon HQ) The Refugee Choir, a group of refugees and migrants from across London, have released their version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Happy Christmas (The War is Over) to raise money for refugee charity, the Islington Centre. The song is available to download from iTunes.

According to the Refugee Choir, the donation or download that you make at, will help the Centre change lives this Christmas. You can also support the other charities involved, including the Refugee Women’s Association, Praxis and The Bike Project, “because by offering a safe place and a helping hand, war really can be over – if we want it.”

Situated in Cross Street, the Islington Centre offers refugees and migrants counseling, hot meals and clothes. In addition to these services, the charity also helps refugees and migrants with housing and classes in English, art and dance. The Centre is currently open just one day a week, following Waltham Forest College’s withdrawal of £200,000 a year in funds. In September, the Centre launched an appeal backed by award-winning actress Juliet Stevenson; the funding is set to be used to open the Centre for two days a week. To achieve this goal, the Centre needs at least £30,000 by January 2016.

“We watch the news and see the tragic situation of migrants and refugees on our borders and dying in the Mediterranean. Our response to the scale of this humanitarian disaster can be to feel helpless, not knowing how to respond. But right in our midst there is a place that is clearly helping so many people….men, women and children who are simply looking for a safe place to call home. When I visited the Centre many of them told me that it was the only place of refuge for them… a life line. Please give generously.”

Article Credits: Anon HQ

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