The Beauty And Pain Of Falling In Love With The Right Person At The Wrong Time

By: Paul Hudson for Elitedaily

When I was about 18, I met a girl who changed my life. She opened my eyes to a part of the world – a part of life – that I didn’t know existed.


This was the first time that I ever fell in love, and it was the deepest I have ever fallen in love. The frequency and intensity with which I felt, anything, was something I didn’t believe possible – I honestly didn’t know that a person could feel so incredibly happy and horribly miserable.

Finding the right person, a person you want to spend your life with, is the greatest accomplishment one can achieve. Yet, the unfortunate truth is that the right person doesn’t always come at the right time. And that makes all the difference.

You’re not guaranteed to find the right person at the wrong time, but it can happen. I’m living proof. I understand you may be thinking that if you met the right person, the person you loved with all your soul, things would just work out.

We see it in all the movies. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. And they live happily ever after – roll credits. How wonderful it would be if the world were so simple.

In reality, human beings are emotionally complicated and because we’re so emotionally complicated, we manage to make situations complicated. Even if you do find the right person, if you aren’t the right person you yourself need to be, the relationship will fail.

Relationships don’t only fail because the person you’re with turns out to be the wrong person; they also fail when you yourself aren’t yet the person you need to be. If you aren’t yet capable of being in a loving relationship then the two of you are doomed.

You will most likely implode emotionally and take it out on the person you love. This goes for the person you love as well – if this person isn’t at the point in life where he or she can be a loving and devoted partner, the relationship won’t work either. There are so many ways a relationship can fail, it’s amazing that we aren’t all alone.

Many people will make excuses for why they aren’t in a place in their lives that’s conducive to a healthy relationship. Many will argue that they need to focus on their careers. Some will argue that they still want to explore life and spend more time flying solo before settling down.

Others will even convince themselves that the love they’ve felt for so long wasn’t true love. They will twist their emotions and memories to make themselves believe that it was more of an illusion than anything else, a dream they need to wake up from. Yet, these are all excuses that veil the truth.

The honest truth is that whether you can admit it to yourself or not, you are not capable of loving – not the way the other person needs to be loved. We should only allow ourselves to settle for one sort of love. The sort of love that is all-consuming, intoxicating, passionate and, at the same time calm, collected, caring and supportive.

We should only settle for a love that embodies the definition in its purest form: to love fully, deeply and selflessly – or rather, as selflessly as humanly possible. I’m not talking about the love of fairytales. I’m talking about the most ideal love that people can possibly be a part of.

Now, the problem when you do find the right person is that you may not yet be willing to give up a part of yourself – because that is what you’re going to have to do.

You are surrendering a part of yourself to your lover. You are giving up on certain things, making concessions and compromises in order to give yourself to the other person. You are devoting a chunk of your life, your thoughts, your dreams and your future to them.

The deepest, purest love is the love shared when both individuals give a piece of themselves to the other, but not entirely without expectation. We may not command anything in return, but because we are only human, we expect our love to be reciprocated.

More so, because we do love our partners, we want them to have the love that they deserve. So what do you do when you love a person knowing you cannot be the person he or she needs you to be?

What do you do when you find the right person, but cannot love that person the way he or she deserves to be loved? If we aren’t willing to make the tradeoffs then there is really only one thing you can do… you have to let that person go.

Letting a person you love go is the most difficult decision you can make in your life. The worst part is that the longer you are apart, the more you come to realize how difficult it is – the more you realize how much you actually love that person.

I haven’t seen or spoken to that girl I met nearly a decade ago in years. And I still know that a part of me does, and always will, love her. Thinking about a person every day of your life that you know you will never be with is a hell of its own. But it’s okay.

It’s okay because it is a part of life. It’s a learning experience like no other. Some of you will fall in love with the right person to find that it is the right time. But some of you will go through what I go through.

I just hope that you have the strength to keep going, not to give up on yourself. You may have had to give up on your relationship with that person, but you can find love again.

You have to believe that you can because it is possible. It is possible to find another right person and to find him or her at the right point in your life. It’s happened to many and will happen to many more. I have to believe that it will happen for me just as you have to believe it will happen for you.

There is no worse way to live life than to live it while giving up on the prospect of love. Love is the only purpose worth living for.


Credits: Paul Hudson for Elitedaily

5 thoughts on “The Beauty And Pain Of Falling In Love With The Right Person At The Wrong Time

  • 18/06/2015 at 12:19 am

    My heart breaks as I read this, because I am two weeks into walking away from the most intense feelings I’ve ever felt for someone. I’m 53 and widowed. My husband was my best friend my entire adult life, and we had a life together that brought many lessons and I loved him dearly. I figured that was it for me, and in the years since he’s passed I’ve had a few dalliances, but never expected to be hit mid-ship by someone like I was a few months ago.
    Wrong timing, and I knew it. I only thought it was true for me, but as it turns out, it is even more true for him. Having had two failed marriages and then trying a third time for love, he was “out of coupons” as I called it, which he denied, but time proved it was true. He just can’t get over his last love, and I’m trying to accept it. I’m not sure he even knew how emotionally unavailable he was. Worst thing about it, he sees her every day. He claims it’s a distant relationship, but in the very few moments where his heart really shows, he is shrouded in such a grey cloak of abject misery, well, it makes me sad for both of us.
    It’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to face emotionally, and it’s hard not to feel bitter and shout “Why!?” because I know the answer, for me, is always this… I want to be a person who is open to love. That has huge risks. The fact that I could feel so powerfully for someone again, more than ever in my life, has to tell me something good about who I am.
    Or so I tell myself. Some days, hours, times, it just sucks.

  • 08/09/2015 at 1:33 pm

    I never thought this would happen to me but I am going thru this right now with a friend. I actually found the right person but as always the wrong time. He’s in a relationship now & our friendship is at stake because everything is different. I old him that I feel like I lost my friend… not sure how he took it. Now sure what to do anymore. It’s breaking my heart but i guess I have to let him go & possibly the friendship too.

  • 09/09/2015 at 6:43 am

    Thank you for this as I was thinking of my love a lot recently. For me it was well over 20years ago. He was the first person to ever stop and see who I was, even in our brief period of time. It was the the romance you saw in the movies, including the Cinderella Ball. Unfortunately, it was short lived, just like a real movie. I don’t remember it striking midnight, or the credits rolling, I just know it was over and both souls had been changed forever. To be honest I think it was all too much, neither of us expected to find in the other what we did. Neither of us expected to open up the way we did to the other. It’s because of him I finally went over the edge, and maybe its because of me he finally went too. But I didn’t die, I had wanted to because of him, not because of him, because of what and who i was. But his words as simple and honest as they were at the time, kept me alive, they were riddle, pacifier, drug of choice, and finally the cure to every shattered part of me.
    I can still smell his scent and if I close my eyes I can still taste and feel his kiss, it was soul searing. 20 years later he is a ghost i still posses because it comforts me and drives me to be the woman now, I wish I had been. Because that love that ignited, it was so poorly timed, for both of us. Its tragic in how off the timing of the fire was. To meet that person who’s shattered pieces connect and compliment your own, who’s soul knew no time or age like your own, who touch made your body, your mind, your everything suddenly part of something so much grander. I have never recovered from the intensity and depth of that relationship. Short lived as it was and all I can do now, is to remember him, mourn him, love him and slowly learn to see and love what he saw and loved. The timing was horrid, but this impact of what was will go on beyond time for me

  • 05/03/2016 at 4:06 pm

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us. Thank you for baring your soul and your heart. Most of all thank you for your personal insights into love, heart ache and for your acknowledgment that you are flawed, like all humans.

    I wish well on your journey to find love with all its ‘scariness’ and beauty; and may your honesty serve you well.

  • 05/03/2016 at 9:16 pm

    This is so true 🙂 I actually recognized a lot of my thoughts here. Love is all around so don’t worry 😉 This text of yours brought warmth to my heart tonight 🙂


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