Meet Chelsea Werner, The Champion Gymnast With Down Syndrome Who Became A Successful Model

Everyone is born with their unique abilities (some prefer to call them talents), and for 25- year Chelsea Werner, Gymnastics was her thing. Born in Danville, California; she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome- the most common genetic defect that impairs physiological and intellectual development.

Because Down syndrome causes low muscle strength in most people, Chelsea was introduced to gymnastics at the age of four as a way of developing strong muscles. However, she showed a remarkable talent for gymnastics and went on to win four Olympic championships.

Her significant achievements paved the way for her modeling career. She got recruited by We Speak, a global agency with a vision of encouraging people to be proud of who they are. Chelsea took up the job as a way of telling the world about people with down syndrome; she feels they are gravely underrepresented.

More info: Facebook / ChelseaWorldChampion

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