It’s A Normal Wedding, Until He Turns To His Bride’s Daughter And Says THIS!

His wedding vows are truly the most touching I’ve seen in a long time. They don’t take the traditional route, and that’s precisely why this video is quickly going viral.

Brian and Whitney live in North Carolina, but they decided to plan their wedding in the mountains of McCall, ID. The folks from Pen Weddings instantly fell in love with the couple, as well as their daughter, Brielle (affectionately known as Breezy).

Brian came into Whitney and Breezy’s lives a couple of years ago, and his love for both of them is almost tangible. There were many amazing moments over their wedding weekend, but nothing touched me more than their sweet notes and vows to one another…except perhaps for Brian’s vows to Brielle.

“I promise to always hold your hand and skip with you down the street and bring comfort to your life,” he said. “I vow to show you how a man should treat a woman in my relationship with your mother, and above all else I vow to protect you, care for you, and love you forever.”

Wow. What an amazing man, husband, and father he is.

If this video doesn’t bring you to tears, I don’t know what will. Please SHARE if you found Brian’s vows to his daughter as touching as I did!

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