How Flowers Changed The Life of a Blind Woman and Her Husband


They say disability is not inability, and this is something that sometimes people have to learn through the hard way. You can imagine living with someone for 30 years and then all of a sudden, they become blind. Everything in life changes from that moment. For some people, it gets so devastating that they eventually give up, but this is not what crossed the mind of Toshiyuki and Yasuko Kuroki.


For 30 years, they were married and had lived happily on their dairy farm in Japan. They had a normal life, herding 60 cows, but Yasuko had a medical condition – diabetes, which eventually rendered her blind.


Instead of wallowing in the challenges that had befallen them, Toshiyuki decided to do something that would help his wife come to enjoy the life they once shared. He devoted his time to planting different fragrant flowers around their home, so that this would give her a good chance of being happy once again.


This was really important, because prior to this, she had already started withdrawing from life. She found it hard to talk to people, and would constantly keep herself locked up in their house from time to time.


One day when he was going about his business, he came across a fuchsia colored flower, which he knew his wife would have loved to look at. However, since she would not be able to see it, he thought she would love the fragrance instead.

From then on, he started planting flowers all over, from the house to the farm, eventually turning his dairy farm into a flower garden. Over time even tourists started coming over to enjoy the view when the flowers blossomed. With time, the effect on his wife started to show. She began to appreciate the fragrance, and started coming out more often to enjoy the scent, and the interaction with the visitors made it easier for her to adopt a new life away from seclusion.


Credits: Amazyble

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