Awesome Barber Gets Creative To Give Child With Autism A Haircut

By Amanda Froelich

When life gives you lemons, you juice the luscious citrus and turn them into something awesome. In other words, sometimes situations call for creativity. 

Barber James Williams was able to apply this lesson practically when, earlier this month, one of his young clients needed a haircut.

Mason, who was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in the UK, was terrified of haircuts, and would often run away whenever anyone tried to cut his hair.

Williams has actually been the young boy’s barber for a while now but has struggled clipping his hair due to Mason’s fear. 

“Over last few month[s] I have been attempting to find different ways how to cut [M]ason’s hair,” Williams, based in Wales, wrote on his Facebook page, “[but] he wouldn’t allow me to go near one of his ears. [H]e would run away on times if he wasn’t up to it.

One day, Williams decided to do something different and took things down to Mason’s level.

Credit: Jamie Lewis
Credit: Jamie Lewis

Not only was the barber able to give Mason a much-needed haircut, he even received a thank-you hug, as well!

Credit: Jamie Lewis
Credit: Jamie Lewis

Williams wrote:

“We both layed on the floor in silence & he allowed me to cut away & give him his first proper haircut, again achieving something in a job I love.” 

The humorous and heartwarming photos certainly add to the story.

Credit: Jamie Lewis
Credit: Jamie Lewis

Let’s hope Mason is pleased with his haircut, too!

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